About Rubber HIVE

Welcome to RubberHive!

RubberHive is a new video platform designed for and by rubberists. Our goal is to gather most of the videos that feature latex in one unique place, helping rubberists to find what they like.

RubberHive automatically collects videos from the most popular platforms (Youtube, Xtube etc..), but you also can upload your own videos directly to RubberHive, enabling multiple and exciting options that you can enjoy for free.

What to do at RubberHive?

Do you like latex&rubber? this is your community!
If you just started with us, we recommend to do a quick tour to get familiar to the website. It’s very easy to filter the content with your sexual preference, so we don’t bother you with videos that you are not interested in. If you want to explore deeper we strongly recommend you to create an account.

Create an account is easy and free. It takes only a few minutes and it will open a lot of interesting options for you as:

The ability to follow users and get the updates automatically to your feed.
The ability to communicate with other users.
The ability to upload videos and create your rubber-channel.
The privilege of being notified about all novelties and news around your rubber community.

And much more!

So, at the end you are like Youtube...

Yes and no, the current functionality is inspired in the major social media platforms, however there are a few things that makes us different. First, we focus on what you love (Rubber), so you don’t have to search. And second, we may look right now as a simple Youtube clone, but a lot of new and exciting features are currently under development to make this platform the best rubber community on earth.

Stay Tuned!

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